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There are numerous mechanisms for the regular and systematic collection of data on nutritional indicators from regional to community levels which involve various stakeholders.

The methods used for data collection in nutrition surveillance are reviewed in a forthcoming paper, whilst in this paper the mechanisms relating to the governance of nutrition surveillance and its sustainability are considered.

Second, the public health impact and consequent economic impact of the outcome – malnutrition – may be profound.

Several studies provide estimates of the economic losses attributable to undernutrition [].

The intention of this paper is to examine these governance issues related to nutrition surveillance, while the technical issues involved with the design of systems and the methods for data collection are reviewed in a separate paper.

The body of literature published on nutrition surveillance in low-income countries is not extensive.

These considerations are noteworthy given the pivotal role of nutrition surveillance information in national and sub-national policy-making, planning and programming.They agreed to commit to a number of targets to be achieved by 2025, known as the WHA global targets, including a reduction of 40 % in the number of stunted children in the world (against global estimates for 2010), and a reduction of the prevalence of wasting to 5 % [].In 2013 at the Nutrition for Growth summit in London, a set of individual commitments to beat hunger and improve nutrition were made including a commitment of USD4.15 billion to scale up nutrition specific actions by 2020 [].For nutrition surveillance activities to be sustainable, there needs to be: demand for the information; a reasonable cost as well as a cost-efficient process; speedy generation and dissemination of good quality information; secure allocation of resources from the government and/or donor; and a central, organizing institution for strong coordination of data collection, analysis, interpretation and communication.Investment in local individual and institutional capacity plus the retention of experienced staff are important.

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Before the mid 1990’s papers and reports mainly relate to guidance around setting up surveillance systems for example [].