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Excel spreadsheet formulas not updating

-- put in some error checking For a solution that works for values in multiple rows and columns, I found the following formula very useful, from Oscar at com even goes through it step-by-step and with a visualized example.1) Give the range of values the label tbl_text 2) Apply the following array formula with CTRL SHIFT ENTER, to cell B13 in this case. Value = "" Then list Unique = "" Exit Function End If End If For r = 1 To l Last Row val = rng.Value Then new Element = False End If Next i If new Element Then element Size = element Size 1 Re Dim Preserve elements(element Size - 1) elements(element Size - 1) = row.Value End If End If Next distance = Range(Application. Address)- If distance It works in columns that have empty cells in them.The only cell that has a uniquely different formula is in the first row.

Drew Sherman's solution is very good, but the list must be contiguous (he suggests manually sorting, and that is not acceptable for me).

Guitarthrower's solution is kinda slow if the number of items is large and don't respects the order of the original list: it outputs a sorted list regardless.

I wanted the original order of the items (that were sorted by the date in another column), and additionally I wanted to exclude an item from the final list not only if it was duplicated, but also for a variety of other reasons.

Also the function outputs nothing (not errors) if you overwind the cells (calling the function) into places where should be no output, as I did it in the previous example's "2. A roundabout way is to load your Excel spreadsheet into a Google spreadsheet, use Google's UNIQUE(range) function - which does exactly what you want - and then save the Google spreadsheet back to Excel format.

I admit this isn't a viable solution for Excel users, but this approach is useful for anyone who wants the functionality and is able to use a Google spreadsheet.

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