Dekiai rule online dating

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Dekiai rule online dating

And there were some scattered amusing moments I found refreshing. So many student teacher relationships with the student sleeping around, teaching finding out and they go for the sex right away for one reason or the other.Other than that I can't think of anything else positive to comment on about this manga. I really loved that the sensei here, despite the uke trying to seduce him, holds his ground pretty well!Even though the whole story is told in 1 volume, the pacing is realistic. Instead, the characters are build up, making the reader understand and feel for the characters before anything else. But it actually gets better and better, and unlike any other take on this premise I've read the sex felt like it meant something for the main guys, and became all the hotter for it.After reading the last chapter, my favourite thing about this manga is that the 'flash in the pan' attraction of the first chapter actually grew into a believable emotion - something I could see lasting past the end of the story.Tags: read Dekiai Rule 1 english, Dekiai Rule 1 raw manga, Dekiai Rule 1 online, Dekiai Rule 1 chap, Dekiai Rule 1 chapter, Dekiai Rule 1 high quality, Dekiai Rule 1 manga scan Crown Craze | Daikirai na Aitsu! Status: Completed Viewed: 0 Summary: From Attractive Fascinante: Miyashita sensei was always an overachiever, but his perfect life was disrupted when he met his desired-filled student, Jindou.If you like edgy styles of art, then you will come to like the artist.The storyline is lighthearted and rather cute, picking up some well-known elements.

Of course, he has to give in in the end or else this wouldn't be yaoi and it wouldn't have a happy end.

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Would Jindou succeed in breaking down sensei's territory?

While pretty good in general, some perspectives or scenes just looked "ugly" to me.

BUT the good is the majority so I wouldn't see this as a negative point. I more happy when i know Miyashita-sensei is not weak, i mean, he's the type of Seme that be able to protect his dear Uke.

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It felt more realistic, gradual infatuation over time and the adult involved trying his best not to give in for the sake of the student. I'm a totally sucker for teacher-student relationships. Miyashita sensei was able to be in control and set him straight, I really liked that. If you ar a fan of teacher-student then this is a read for you.