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Amazing ideas from pop culture (Joker and Harley, anyone? Think about how much fun it is dragging your spouse or significant other into the cute tedium of picking a matching costume! The only thing better than dressing up as your favorite character by yourself is dressing up as your favorite pair of become the belle of whatever fall ball you choose!Scare the neighbor kids, drink too much seasonal IPAs at a local kegger, or dance with all the other ghouls and goblins to your heart’s content.Pick your favorite characters or punny costumes, and go out and have a blast.Try to remember that it’s impossible to stay classy while you’re choking down water trying to gnaw on as many apples as you can.

Bonus: If you can fit his catch phrases in at every opportunity, gosh! Bert & Mary Poppins from Mary: A high-collared white blouse, black skirt, black boots and tights, and a red bowtie. Bert: Black pants, a white button up shirt with a vest, a newsboy cap, and your trusty chimney sweep! Wear your hair up with a ribbon to make it look like a "bone."Bamm-Bamm: An orange and black polka-dotted top and shorts, a white wig, and a big club.But you don’t want to be boring, and you certainly don’t want to be irrelevant to the times, so you’ll need a great place to start poring over Halloween costume ideas for the special someone(s) that you are your partner are going to be.Halloween is a time for fun, relaxing, partying, and generally acting a touch loopier than you do the rest of the year.Carry a dragon egg (large Easter eggs painted dark green, gray, or copper.) Add subtle glitter for an ethereal effect.Khal Drogo: Loose khaki or tan pants, a dark women's tube top around your abs, a wide belt, a toy sword, and lots of black eye makeup.

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Night Bitch: Red wig in spiky pigtails, sparkly bikini top, cropped jacket with a black collar, black fingerless gloves, black pants, and black high heel boots. Gravity: Maroon hooded sweatshirt and pants, black leather gloves, black boots, and goggles. Cyclops & Jean Grey from Star Lord: Red leather jacket, black pants, leather boots.

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