Accra dating

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Accra dating

A couple hours and a couple bottles of wine later came the dreaded discussion, the topic we love to hate, The Inevitable: “If they’re not into their careers and still sowing their wild oats and surveying their options, they’re with some hoe, some white girl (white includes everything non-black in this case), or they’re douchey and not what you want. It was interesting to then collectively list out all the women killing the game in ‘our’ own country: the born and bred Ghanaian, the , the hoe, and the foreigner…

The few that are wifed up already with sensible girls hold down the rest.”And by ‘us’, we mean our prototype: Ghanaian, but not. hell, the foreigner is even killing the game from outside Ghana we conclude.

Even while at lunch my group of girlfriends tried to come up with five names of returnee women who had come to Ghana single and met men that they were now happily married to. That’s less than 1 person per attendee (note that we disregarded women who ‘knew the guy in primary school’ or ‘the guy was a family friend’).

Needless to say, we couldn’t come up with five women. The truth is I know why I’m single, it’s quite simple actually: I haven’t found anything that has stuck [on both sides]. So it’s six months later, how do I feel about this post and the things that I said in it.

[SPOILER ALERT: Since the writing of this blog in August, the serious girlfriend has now become his fiancee]. A, I was less worried about this because I thought I was in a progressing situation, but a year later…

Rest assured, it wasn’t an all male bashing session that followed, but it was funny to have things come full circle in my mind, because when I moved to Ghana from South Africa a little over a year ago (save a 3month dip out/dip in), I had a long conversation with an earlier returnee and fellow love/sex blogger, Nana Darkoa, who flat out told me: ‘And then here I am a year later co-signing to a similar message to another returnee. a few abysmal first dates (actually a little more than a few), a lot of new ‘friends’, and a few okay guys… Although I don’t think Nana’s assessment of Ghana is entirely correct, I do see her point.

At the very least, I DO NOT post things like the blog I wrote back in August. As if picking a man occurs on my Sunday grocery run, where he’s sitting on aisle 9 between the milk and cheese.

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