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71000 duke of gloucester tinder dating site

Front section of tender / keeper plate A more concerning issue was the poor running quality. After some thirty minutes there was some improvement.

The engine would hesitate and there was also a tendency for it to snake or waddle i.e. The wheels turned smoothly so I thought – not a quartering problem.

The price would be good for a more detailed better running and more acurate model but for what you are actually getting it seems very expensive.

(especially the latest 1960s version at over Smokebox door marginally too big as well, now that I look at it again. Still, if the body's not up to scratch (and it isn't), you could always buy a resin body moulding from Golden Arrow and plonk that on the chassis.

Checking sideplay I examined and adjusted the copper wiper contacts to ensure that the springing was all even.

I inspected the individual wheel sets which all seemed to run true.

I understand why simplification was thought necessary - the Brits are very fragile (taking an earlier ones apart to chip, and getting it back together, is a nightmare! I was really interested in this when announced last year, thinking that it would be on a par with the latest Britannias.

Back together I would like to say the model is nearly very good..

Wiring and the flywheel Whilst ‘inside’ the model I noticed that the wiring from the DCC socket seemed to be touching the motor flywheel.

Similarly the external pipework around the top of the firebox which is moulded separately on the latest Hornby Britannia Class engines is part of the boiler moulding on Duke of Gloucester.

I had thought that Duke of Gloucester would be at least as good as the Hornby Britannia – for example Apollo.

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Hornby R3191 - Duke of Gloucester What do I think of the model? Straight out of the box there were a number of issues.

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